Claudio Hughes

speaks fluent English and perfect French, Spanish and Portuguese
been tutor at IDFA summer school, Cairo film festival, Dok Incubator

FILMS Claudio has edited ( among others)
– “Prison sisters” 90′ by Nima Sarvestani. Nimafilms Sweden.
– “A Family Affair” 90′ by Tom Fassaert. Conjin Films Netherlands. Jury Award IDFA 2015. Golden Calf. Best film at Zurich, Tbilissi, São Paulo.
– “Battle for Rio” 90′ by Gonzalo Arijón. (arte) Pumpernickel films France.
– “Afghanistan, the price of vengeance” 90′ by Alberto Marquardt (France3) Point du Jour. 10 years of western forces in Afghanistan.
– “Ils ont voulu le pouvoir” (They wanted power) 2×52′ by A. Marquardt (LCP) Point du Jour. Follow 12 french politicians through 30 years of politics.
– “Esclaves modernes” (Modern slavery) 52′ by Teresa Punzi and Sabah Rahmani (France2) Mélisande. Slavery in Brazil, India and France today.
– “So far” 90′ by S. Lamorre (arte) MAHA. 2010 NYILFF best documentary. The journey of latino immigrants from South America to the USA.
– “Résistance” 2×90′ by Christopher Nick France2 Films de la Croisade. France under Nazi occupation. Fiction and archives film.
– “Stranded” 115′ de Gonzalo Arijón. (arte-BBC-ITVS) Ethan prod. Joris Ivens prize at IDFA. Selected in Sundance, Toronto, AFI, Locarno and many others. Best documentary prizes in Miami, Sarasota, San Francisco, Dubai, Vancouver Banff, Tokyo, Guadalajara, etc.
– “A walled America” 70′ by Agnès Gattegno (Canal+) Program33. The conflicts in the US-Mexican border.
– “Lula, 3 years later” 70′ by Gonzalo Arijón (arte) Dissidents. How Lula, the first left wing president of Brazil manages to rebuild the country.
– “Orlando Vargas” feature by Juan Pittaluga. Gémini films. Semaine de la Critique in Cannes in 2005.