Yael Bitton


Email : ybitton@gmail.com

Yael Bitton has been making films for over 20 years, both as a film editor and as a film director, as well as a tutor, and a script supervisor.
She has been working in France, the USA, and Switzerland.
She mentors and works a lot with emerging filmmakers, from Columbia, Mexico, Israel, Morocco, Mali, Greece… and is known to be supportive to the filmmakers and their process.

Some of her credits as an editor include: The wonderful kingdom of Papa Alaev by Noam Pinchas and Tal Barda, Muchachas by Juliana Fanjul, Tacacho by Felipe Monroy, Jugando con los pajajos by Simona Canonica, Petits arrangements avec l’amour by Ilana Navaro, Asi son los hombres? by Klaudia Reynicke, Hello Stranger by Thomas Amman, Thinghir, echoes from the Mellah by Kamal Hachkar, The Idiot Cycle by Emmanuelle Chick, Waliden by Awa Traoré, On the downlow and The future is behind you by Abigail Child, Watermarks by Yaron Zilberman…
She worked as a script supervisor for over 12 feature films including Lisbon Story by Wim Wenders, Girlfight by Karyn Kusama, Hamlet by Michael Almereyda…

She directed two feature documentary films, Not for sale (2003) (distributed by Cinema Guild, broadcasted by PBS, various festivals worldwide), and The Rabbi’s 12 children (2007) (distributed by l’Harmattan, various festivals worldwide), as well as shorter formats and reportages for television (ARTE, RTS).
She currently works an editing tutor at Dokincubator, and tutors students at the HEAD/ cinéma du réel in Geneva.
In the past she has also participated as a tutor at Greenhouse, Femis, Cinédoc, NYU, and launched programs for teaching filmmaking in psychiatric hospitals with adults and children.
She received a masters degree in filmmaking from INSAS film school in Brussels.
She currently lives in Paris.