Joelle Alexis Niels Pagh Andersen Jordana Berg Maya Hawke
Yael Bitton Menno BoeremaAnne Fabini Jakob Høgel
Peter Jaeger Per K. Kirkegaard Erez Laufer
Mary Stephen
Jean TsienClaudio Hughes Iikka Vehkalahti






For those of you who believe that you have a great film on your hands,
but are not happy with the rough cut.


Send a simple application to us.

Ideally, we would get your application 10 days before you need our feedback. But we understand if sometimes you need it “now-now”.


In the application we need: 

  • A short description (synopses, treatment) of the project
  • The approximate date when the rough cut will be ready for feedback.
  • Who is financing or supporting the film.
  • A list of the director’s previous films and a short cv
  • A scene from the rough cut, five minutes maximum length – NO TRAILERS
  • A list of the scenes in the rough cut.

Once your application is accepted you will be informed, which one of us will be working with you.
Send your rough cut to us via an FTP server or by Vimeo/Dropbox/We transfer by the time agreed.
It has to be downloadable.


We want to support you to reach the film you want to do.

Two of us will screen the rough cut and after that:


  • you will get questions to clarify your goals, if there are additional materials, the target audience etc…
  • You will get written feedback : comments and proposals on the dramaturgy and structure of the film comments and proposals on the key scenes of the film comments and proposals on the possible narration, voice off/voice over, music, graphics etc..
  • You will have an intensive Skype discussion with one or both of your supporters.
  • You send the new rough cut.
  • you will get the final comments and proposals by one of the supporters. The professional supporters will dedicate a total of four working days to your project.
  • If you have made the application for six days work you will have additional Skype discussion/s and feedback to the next version/s of the film or/and we will work with some scenes or other aspects of the film more deeply.


Most of us are editors. We are all used to working with rough cuts, through a wide variety of story-telling approaches.

We use the term “professional supporter” to underline the fact that we work to support the filmmaker to do the film the filmmaker wants to do, not to propose or force the filmmaker to do a film the professional supporter would like to do.

Joelle Alexis

Niels Pagh Andersen

Jordana Berg

Yael Bitton

Menno Boerema

Anne Fabini

Maya Hawke

Jakob Kirstein Høgel

Claudio Hughes

Peter Jaeger

Per K. Kirkegard

Erez Laufer

Mary Stephen

Jean Tsien

Iikka Vehkalahti

What does it cost?

The fee is 2600 euro if the budget of your film is more than 200 000. If you want to have  one round more the charge is 4000 euro. To others the fee is 1800 euro and 2600 euro.

All of us have been working with films from very different cultures and countries. Knowing the financial situation of directors from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle East we are searching institutions, financiers and funds to support projects originated in those countries to use our services.



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